The Exception to the Rule

I knit hats and scarves for my kids, but otherwise, I generally don’t knit for other people. It is just an inordinate amount of time and effort. But, my mom casually mentioned that she’d love it if I made her a scarf. And with a lifetime of unconditional love and support from her, and aContinue reading “The Exception to the Rule”

Eckert Street Shawl test: or that time I swatched all the things

The test knit for Milly’s Knit Designs Eckert Street Shawl has officially begun. I am using Walcot Yarns Opus yarn in the plum colorway. It is 70% merino 30% alpaca and it is a dream to knit with. Soft and squishy and springy. I was initially worried because the shawl pattern calls for fingering weightContinue reading “Eckert Street Shawl test: or that time I swatched all the things”

Fix it or Frog it: I’d like to use one of my lifelines

I finally finished knitting the stockinette portion of the body of my Magnolia Sweater earlier this week and was ready to begin the lace portion at the hem. I’ve never knit lace before, so I was a little worried that it was going to be a frog-fest. I figured that this was as good aContinue reading “Fix it or Frog it: I’d like to use one of my lifelines”

New Cast On: Tsuzumi

I am already working on my Magnolia Sweater, The Shift cowl, and my upcoming test-knit shawlette from Milly’s Knit Designs, so I figure only logical thing to do is cast on a new project. In my defense, I have been eyeing this lightweight linen top since the first finished projects posted in June of thisContinue reading “New Cast On: Tsuzumi”

What you’re made of: Does needle material really affect gauge?

I’ve heard that knitting with metal needles as opposed to wooden needles can give you a very different gauge. But I’ve never tested it out for myself – until now. For this experiment, I cast on 32 stitches of a worsted wool and acrylic blend that I have laying around the house. Then I knitContinue reading “What you’re made of: Does needle material really affect gauge?”

Fix it or Frog it: Where Am I?

I posted on Monday about how I was frantically knitting on Andrea Mowry’s The Shift Cowl. Well, my progress came to a screeching halt when I got to the end of a row and my stitch count was off. The Shift starts with a few stitches and increases by twos every few rows. I hadContinue reading “Fix it or Frog it: Where Am I?”

What to Knit: Ocean Pathways Cowl

I have to admit, before I started knitting I never understood cowls. To me, a cowl always seemed like a confused little scarf, not suited to Chicago winters. But now that I knit, I can’t get enough of them. They keep you warm under a jacket. They look good on their own without a jacket.Continue reading “What to Knit: Ocean Pathways Cowl”

The Best Laid Plans: The Shift Cowl

I don’t know why I bother making plans for my knitting, because they never work out the way I intend. I got some beautiful yarn from Quince and Co. that is supposed to be a lacy summer tee. Seeing as how it’s July and nuclear hot here, it’s the perfect thing to work on inContinue reading “The Best Laid Plans: The Shift Cowl”

Joining in the Round: A Knitting Experiment

Do you remember the Pepsi challenge? There were a bunch of commercials in the 80s where ordinary people took a blind taste test to determine which they liked better: Coke or Pepsi. Even though we all know Diet Coke should be the real winner, I still love myself a good test. It got me thinking,Continue reading “Joining in the Round: A Knitting Experiment”