My Magnolia Sweater: Cruise Control (with a little bit of math)

My Magnolia Sweater, by Camilla Vad, is really coming along now. I have recovered from last week’s mohair tangle debacle and separated for the sleeves. I’m in the cruise control part of the project that is just miles and miles of stockinette in the round as I knit down the body. The pattern says toContinue reading “My Magnolia Sweater: Cruise Control (with a little bit of math)”

Yarn Talk: Northern Bee Studio Soft DK

I intended to knit a hat for each of my girls this winter. I cast on in February and knit the easy ombré slouch hat by Paul S. Neary in Northern Bee Studio’s Soft DK. I used the colorway orchid (shown above) and an off-white called clouded vision. It was my first attempt at strandedContinue reading “Yarn Talk: Northern Bee Studio Soft DK”

Fix it or Frog it: Why am I so Hard on my Socks???

I have only ever knit one pair of socks. I am embarrassed to say that they took me as long to knit as a whole adult-sized sweater. I have ridiculously small feet. Size 5. Elf feet. And still, they took so long. At the time I was a brand new knitter. I had never usedContinue reading “Fix it or Frog it: Why am I so Hard on my Socks???”

Sometimes Good Enough is Perfect

When I started knitting, my family didn’t really know what to make of it. Skeins of yarn and circular needles started popping up in places all over the house. Double pointed needles and measuring tape took up residence in the couch cushions. My husband stayed out of it – after 17 years he knows whenContinue reading “Sometimes Good Enough is Perfect”

What to knit: Your weekly knitting inspiration

Stepping Stones Cardigan by Rebecca McKenzie Stepping Stones Cardigan is the latest pattern by Rebecca McKenzie. It’s knit from the bottom up in a DK weight yarn and has a lovely lace detail down the front and along the hem and cuffs. It’s drop shoulder and there’s no side seaming (yay!). Rebecca is kind enoughContinue reading “What to knit: Your weekly knitting inspiration”

Nothing wrong with a little lace

or, that time I knit a sweater in the dead heat of summer. I cast on the Magnolia sweater by Camilla Vad. I am working on the long-sleeve version in Rauma Lamullgarn color way 13, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze color way 664 held double. Both of the yarns are a light gray. I am aContinue reading “Nothing wrong with a little lace”

Things get old school over here: winding a ball of yarn by hand

These are crazy times: masks are in. Zoom is in. Staying in is… in. I have only been knitting since December, so I had just found a good local yarn store when it had to close due to coronavirus. I don’t have a swift or a ball winder. Normally this wouldn’t be a big dealContinue reading “Things get old school over here: winding a ball of yarn by hand”

Casting on: a.k.a. Don’t Talk About the Baby

A couple of months after I had my oldest, I went out with a group of my friends that didn’t have kids yet. I remember thinking to myself throughout the night, “Don’t talk about the baby. Don’t talk about the baby.” I was paranoid that I would bore my non-parent friends to tears by turningContinue reading “Casting on: a.k.a. Don’t Talk About the Baby”