Sleeve Archipelago

I am on multiple sleeve islands – sleeve archipelago, if you will. I have reached the sleeves in both my No Frills pullover, and my kid cardigan from Sirdar. For all that knitters love to complain about sleeves, I don’t really mind them. After going round and round endlessly on the body of a sweater, a sleeve just zooms along.

Also, imagine my surprise when I took out my dpns to cast on the sleeve of my kid cardigan, only to find that it is knit flat and then seamed. What? I almost went ahead and joined in the round. But this whole project is supposed to be a learning experiment in the joys of seaming, so I figured I’d better stick to the pattern. (Someone please remind me how much I love learning new things when I am struggling with mattress stitch in a few weeks.)

I’m also on the look out for smaller lime green buttons. Do you have a place that you prefer to shop for buttons? This is my first time ever looking for such a thing, and I am completely overwhelmed by all the choices. I feel like Toad in the children’s story Frog and Toad: A Lost Button” by Arnold Lobel. He keeps finding all kinds of buttons except the one he is looking for. After getting more and more frustrated, he finally yells, “The whole world is covered with buttons, and not one of them is mine!”

Did you know there is an adorable pattern by Kristina Ingrid McGowan to knit Frog and Toad? Talk about dream knitting. One day, my hypothetical grandchildren will love these:

© Kristina Ingrid McGowan

Other than that, not much is new here. Still working on my mom’s scarf, still working on my Baa-ble hat, but I haven’t really made much progress on either one. Just hanging out knitting sleeve after sleeve. What are you working on these days?

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2 thoughts on “Sleeve Archipelago

  1. Do you have a button box? I’ve always had one, as did my mum and grandma – I must have started mine as a teenager. I’ve got buttons rescued from old, thrown-away clothes, and buttons I’ve bought but not used. Sometimes, especially when ordering online, I’ll buy a couple of sets of buttons for a project because I can’t choose between them until I see them on the final garment. I will quite often buy one or two buttons more than I need just in case one gets lost, or I accidentally make too many buttonholes. And sometimes I just buy buttons because I see them and love them and one day I’ll use them. My button box is such a joy to go through on a rainy afternoon and often it’s come to my rescue as I’ve found I already have the perfect set of buttons for a new garment.

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