FO Friday: Shift Cowl

Well you guys, I finally did it. The Shift, by Andrea Mowry, has been languishing in a project bag since summer of 2020. There’s no good reason for this because it was a very enjoyable knit. I made it out of Primrose Yarn Co.’s Rose Sport in the colorways Emerald Midnight, Tabloid Gossip, and Where is My Mind.

I’m not sure why this one took me so long. I made good progress in the summer, but I didn’t have a sense of urgency because I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear it for months. The real trouble came when I needed my long cable to finish up another project. I transferred the whole cowl onto a tiny cable I had laying around, and held it there with stoppers. At that point it was basically impossible to work on. Well. It is 2021, and I figured it was time to clear out the cobwebs on my WIPs. As it turns out, I only had a couple of hours of knitting left! So, without further ado:

Done done done!

I can definitely see why people knit multiple Shifts. Just watching the yarns play with each other is addictive. And even though it took me six months because I got distracted and cast on way too many projects, I think this would be a quick knit on its own.

I love the way this cowl turned out. I don’t usually gravitate towards lots of color in my knitting. But it seemed like a shame to make this out of neutrals. I didn’t knit a gauge swatch because I knew I had enough yarn regardless, and who cares if my cowl is a little bigger or smaller? I made some mistakes in a few rows, but I didn’t bother going back, because I think they looked interesting in their own right. I can’t seem to get enough of this yarny goodness, and since I never go anywhere these days I have been wearing it around the house.

Maybe this will start a trend, and I can excavate some more old WIPs. What is hiding in your project bags?

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3 thoughts on “FO Friday: Shift Cowl

  1. Your cowl is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you!! My next project was supposed to be Andrea Mowry’s Find Your Fade shawl. I got a fade set of 5 skeins of LITLG yarn for Christmas and can’t wait to use it. When I realized what a big project it is I decided to work on Campside first. Good luck clearing out your WIPs. I have a few of those to complete too…

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