What to Knit: Good Wishes for the New Year

I am an amazing colorwork knitter – in my mind. All of my dream knitting involves wooly Shetland wool painstakingly stranded into intricate traditional motifs. Nevermind that I usually choose vanilla socks and plain stockinette raglans for my actual makes. One day, I am going to be a colorwork master. To that end, I can’t get enough of this beautiful stranded hat:

© Tracey Doxey
Good Wishes for the New Year by Tracey Doxey

Good Wishes for the New Year is an all-over stranded colorwork hat knit in fingering-weight Shetland yarn. The pattern was released in November 2020 and is available on Ravelry. Look at that crown!

© Tracey Doxey

It uses EIGHT colors of yarn! You guys. In my mind I am making the most beautiful knits. What are you dream knitting these days?

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6 thoughts on “What to Knit: Good Wishes for the New Year

  1. When you are ready go for it!! I adore color stranding and it really isn’t hard, just follow some basic guidelines and you will succeed. If you need help, just ask, knitters are happy to tell you just what to do. LOL!

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