Back from the Frog Pond: Tissé Scarf

I have to believe that I am not the only knitter with a pile of shame in the corner of the dining room. Whenever a project goes completely off the rails, I throw it in the pile of shame to cool off and repent for its mistakes. This is also a great place to find lost circulars or dpns. In the spirit of new year, new beginnings, I am trying to clear WIPs out of the pile of shame and decide once and for all whether I should fix or frog my knitting mistakes.

I agreed to knit my Mom a scarf at the end of summer. We picked out beautiful lace weight yarn and Tissé, a Julie Hoover pattern with all-over herringbone stitch. It was going slowly, but looking good until the whole thing slipped off the needles sometime this fall. It was just too tricky to figure out how to get the slipped stitches and knits and purls back on the needles successfully. I had also added an I-cord edging on both sides which wasn’t really in the style of the original pattern. I decided to just frog the whole thing and start over.

Without further ado, here is my new and improved Tissé:

It is just the first beginnings of a scarf, but I have high hopes for this one. Maybe I can get it to my mom for Mother’s Day? Where do your WIPs go when they misbehave?

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4 thoughts on “Back from the Frog Pond: Tissé Scarf

  1. I have a corner of shame too. But my disasters get thrown in there to think about what they have done. I have never knitted in laceweight! 4 ply is the finest yarn I have used. Don’t like super chunky (bulky) either. So I use 4 ply, DK, worsted, aran and chunky. Started knitting 60 years ago with DK I guess and made lots and lots of mistakes . . . but I was only 6 years old . . .

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  2. LOL, I don’t have many unforgotten knit items, but there is a huge one, a Cable Shawl that is half done, but it is so heavily cabled that I just can’t see it ever being finished. I have thought to just get it long enough to make a small poncho out of it. LOL

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