Wednesday WIP Roundup

I took a look around and it seems like some of my WIPs have overstayed their welcome over here. I would like to cast on some new projects, but first I need to clear out some old items. You know it’s bad when I’m seriously considering buying new needles because my old needles are busy, and I’d rather just buy more than finish something.

In the spirit of moving things along, I thought I’d do a quick WIP roundup to see what needs to be completed ASAP:

The Shift by Andrea Mowry
Primrose Yarn Co. yarn in Rose Sport (clockwise from the top): Emerald Midnight, Where is my Mind, and Tabloid Gossip,

This cowl is beautiful and there is simply no reason why I haven’t finished it. I am in the middle of the last section with less than 40 rows to go. I squished it onto a short cable with stoppers because I needed my long cable for a sweater project. Now it’s sitting forgotten in a bag somewhere waiting to be rescued.

Tissé by Julie Hoover, a.k.a. Mom’s Scarf

I promised my mom that I would knit her a scarf. We looked at yarn and picked out this beautiful lace weight Anzula Meridian yarn in the Emerald colorway. I got about five inches into Julie Hoover’s Tissé scarf in a herringbone pattern and disaster struck: I pulled the scarf out of a bag, and the whole thing slipped off the needles. Now it’s in a pile in the corner. I just don’t have the mental fortitude to try to get a herringbone pattern back on the needles correctly. Seriously contemplating starting over on this one. Blerg.

Mīlēt Mittens by Ysolda Teague
Quince & Co. Finch in Malbec, Fjord, and Egret

I knit one beautiful Mīlēt mitten and have yet to cast on the second. Why? Apparently second mitten syndrome is as deadly as second sock syndrome.

There are also two or three single socks that I won’t bother listing here. I am considering wearing them mismatched around the house, just to save myself the trouble of finishing the pair.

I’m going to see if I can clear out some of these malingering projects and cast on some new and exciting things. Stay tuned!

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