Pattern Roundup: Kid Cardigans

If you hang around on Instagram, particularly during the holiday season, you hear a lot of discussion about whether people are “knit-worthy” or not. I never really paid that much attention because I was such a new knitter. There was truly no one who would want my misshapen yarn experiments, so the question of “knit-worthiness” was a bit of a moot point.

But, over the past year my knitting has improved somewhat. I would say it is solidly in the “not embarrassing” category. Now, I love my children very much. I would venture to say that I adore them. They are worthy of love, and happiness, and cake, and anything that I can think to give them.

But are they worthy of a hand-knit sweater? Really??? The jury is still out. I might make them a sweater that they can’t live without and they wear it into the ground. Or they might decide that they are a mermaid who doesn’t need knitwear, and they will never ever put it on. Le sigh.

Despite this, I have recently started to consider knitting a cardigan for my daughter, B, who is in kindergarten. She does wear cardigans sometimes. And if she hates it, there is always the possibility that her 4 year-old sister, F, will wear it instead. What finally put me over the top is the opportunity to try seaming a garment. I really want to learn how to knit a sweater in pieces, but I have been hesitant to go through all the trouble of knitting an adult-sized sweater only to mangle it in the finishing. However, how much time could it really take to knit a size 6 sweater? I think I’m going to go for it. In that vein, here is my roundup of kids cardigans. There were not nearly as many as I thought:

Basic Kid by Lori Versaci
© Gale Zucker 2014

The Basic Kid pattern is a seamed bottom-up cardigan (or pullover) that runs from size 2-14. It has a crew neck and a fantastic thin stripe of contrasting color along the bottom hem and cuffs. It has buttons and a modified drop sleeve. I love the look of this cardigan (bonus points that the sample was knit in pink, a perennial favorite at our house). Some of the comments on Ravelry say that the pattern is confusing and hard to follow, but I really do like how simple and clean this looks.

Dahlia Barn Solo by Lene Holme Samsøe

I know I said I wanted to try a seamed cardigan, but you guys! Look at this adorable top-down number. The Dahlia Barn Solo is charming with just the right amount of interest in the yolk so that you don’t get bored knitting it.

© Lene Holme Samsøe

This sweater is a top-down, one-piece sweater (or dress?) is knit in the round. I am not sure how that works for the cardigan version. There is no mention of a steek, so maybe it is knit flat. There is a lovely eyelet pattern in the yolk. It comes in sizes 1-8.

Family Cardigans 8225 by Sirdar
© Sirdar Spinning Ltd

Ok, don’t be put off by the cheesy photo, or the less than stylish buttons. This seamed, crew neck raglan sleeve cardigan is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It doesn’t list the sizes, but it will fit a chest measurement of 27 1/2″ – 47 3/4″ which appears to be a child’s size six on up. I’m a little bit worried that it came out in 2019 and there are only 2 projects on Ravelry. Maybe people who knit kid sweaters aren’t into making project pages?

Prisma by Fabi
© Fabi

Prisma by Fabi is absolutely the sweater that my girls would beg for me to knit if I showed them this picture. It’s rainbow! The buttons are pink! There are tiny pockets! This adorable cardigan is bottom-up crewneck, seamed cardigan with raglan shaping. It runs from a size 2 to a size 8. I am a little bit worried that matching up the stripes might be a little bit much for my first seamed project, but otherwise this is adorable.

Do you knit for your kids (or other people’s kids?). Do you have any go-to cardigan patterns?

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