How big is too big?

I cast on some Milet Mittens by Ysolda Teague, because how could I not? I used the Quince & Co, Finch yarn that I got on LYS day. I have just finished the cuff, and I have to say I am ridiculously proud of myself. The tension is a little messed up, but I think they look quite nice.

The only problem is that they are big. I mean, really big. And no, of course I didn’t swatch. I know! I should have, but who could wait? Who wants to do extra colorwork? The blue ribbing of at the top actually folds under the cuff as a lining, so I thought that would fix it. I even knit the ribbing on size 1 needles just to tighten it up. But there is just no way that these mittens are ever going to fit me.

So, it’s off to the frog pond to try again tomorrow. I like the fabric, so I am toying around with the idea of eliminating one of the pattern repeats instead of going down a few needle sizes. (Yes, they’re that big). Oops! Maybe on my second try my left hand will figure out how to hold yarn. I can only hope. What have you messed up recently?

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3 thoughts on “How big is too big?

  1. My swatch gauge is NEVER the same as my working gauge. Never. I still swatch for important or large projects, but it’s only an idea of my gauge and not what my actual gauge will be. Otherwise, I just kinda gave up on swatching so I feel you on all the frogs!

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    1. I usually swatch for bigger projects like sweaters, but I figured mittens were mittens. How big could they really get? Ha! I just started over with only 48 stitches rather than the original 64. It looks much better. I mean, my tension is still ridiculous, but the size is much improved.

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