The Exception to the Rule

I knit hats and scarves for my kids, but otherwise, I generally don’t knit for other people. It is just an inordinate amount of time and effort. But, my mom casually mentioned that she’d love it if I made her a scarf. And with a lifetime of unconditional love and support from her, and a good sense of humor about what a pain I was in high school, I figured I’d better get started.

After a quick Zoom meeting to go through some options on Ravelry, she settled on Julie Hoover’s Tissé. It is a herringbone pattern in lace weight yarn. This is perfect because although my parents live in upstate NY, my mom is always hot and likely wouldn’t use a bulky scarf. This is lovely and light and will go with everything. After some texting while I was at my LYS, she picked Anzula Meridian yarn. It’s lace weight 55% Tencel, 35% Alpaca, 10% Nylon, in the Emerald colorway. Even though it’s called Emerald, it’s not green, but more of an aqua color (it’s the middle one below). I looooove it and it’s showing the stitch pattern beautifully.

Anzula yarn in the seafoam, emerald, and herb colorways left to right

This is the picture I texted to my mom from the store. Which would you choose? I swatched mostly to make sure I understood how to knit herringbone stitch, and I cast on a few days ago. I think the stitch pattern is subtle, but it keeps things interesting.

I added an i-cord edging because I didn’t like how unfinished it looked. Otherwise I am sticking to the pattern. It is going to be slow going because I don’t usually knit with lace weight yarn, but I can’t wait to see how it knits up. What are you working these days? Do you knit for other people or do you keep all of the yarny goodness for yourself? With any luck I’ll finish this up by Christmas. I’m only a little bit joking, this is going to take forever 🙂

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