Test Knit: Dreamwalker Cowlkerchief

Dreamwalker Cowlkerchief

I just finished up a test knit for Joey Poh of Winter’s Weather Knits and I just love how it turned out. It is knit entirely in linen stitch with porthole eyelet increases at the edges. Then the whole thing is seamed together in the back to create a reversible piece.

I had only knit linen stitch in a swatch before this project so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It is a super dense stitch. I am a slow knitter to begin with, so finishing up a piece by the deadline was a little bit of a challenge, but I managed to knock it out. If I weren’t worried about time, it is really relaxing and repetitive stitch. The pattern was easy to memorize, and I didn’t need to keep the pattern in front of me, which makes good travel knitting.

The linen stitch creates a lovely woven fabric with a lot of drape before and after blocking. I guess my gauge was off a bit (swatches lie you guys) because I ended up having to skip the last two increases since the circumference was getting a little too big.

This test knit was lots of fun. It’s very motivating to see how everyone else’s projects are knitting up. Joey was so responsive and supportive during the test and was cheering everyone on. I think the pattern was very well-written and easy to follow. I would definitely knit one of her pieces in the future.

I can’t wait to wear this under a jacket this fall!

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