Fix it or Frog it: I’d like to use one of my lifelines

I finally finished knitting the stockinette portion of the body of my Magnolia Sweater earlier this week and was ready to begin the lace portion at the hem. I’ve never knit lace before, so I was a little worried that it was going to be a frog-fest. I figured that this was as good a time as any to use a lifeline. My ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles have a tiny hole that the internet says is for lifelines, but I couldn’t quite get it to work the way I think it’s supposed to, so I just put my lifeline in the old school way by threading waste yarn through my stitches with a tapestry needle. I think it turned out ok:

It’s a good thing I decided to try this, because seven or eight rows into the lace pattern I realized that I forgot to move the beginning of the round marker, and all of my lace was offset by 45 stitches or so. Whoops! But the lifeline made what would have been a disastrous situation into a minor inconvenience. I ripped back and reknit the lace where it was supposed to be. What do you think? Do you use lifelines?

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