What to Knit: Ocean Pathways Cowl

© Francoise Danoy

I have to admit, before I started knitting I never understood cowls. To me, a cowl always seemed like a confused little scarf, not suited to Chicago winters. But now that I knit, I can’t get enough of them. They keep you warm under a jacket. They look good on their own without a jacket. There are so many beautiful cowls out there that it’s hard to choose just one to knit. Good thing it’s July and I have lots of time before I have to wear one. Next on my list is the Ocean Pathways Cowl by Francoise Danoy.

The Ocean Pathways Cowl is knit in fingering weight and features extensive colorwork in four different colors. It can be knit as a regular or tubular cowl and it comes with both written and video tutorials along with the pattern. I love the colors of the samples and I know I would also have a fantastic time putting together a palate of four colors to work with. I like the vertical striping of the tubular cowl, so I’d probably knit that one. This has the added bonus of teaching me how to do a provisional cast on, which I’ve been itching to try.

What do you think: do you knit cowls? Am I the only one that didn’t see their potential? What colors would you choose?

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