The Best Laid Plans: The Shift Cowl

I don’t know why I bother making plans for my knitting, because they never work out the way I intend. I got some beautiful yarn from Quince and Co. that is supposed to be a lacy summer tee. Seeing as how it’s July and nuclear hot here, it’s the perfect thing to work on in the Chicago summer. Except I can’t seem to get excited about casting on. I was halfway through a swatch, and what did I do? I cast on Andrea Mowry’s The Shift Cowl. As you do.

Have I ever worn a cowl before? No. Can I wear a cowl any time soon? No. Do I want to sit with wool yarn in my lap on 90° days? No. But I will tell you, I can’t stop working on it. Maybe it’s the interesting stitch pattern. Maybe it’s the combination of yarns from Primrose Yarn Co. It is the very definition of potato chip knitting. You always want to knit just one more row. Check out these stitches:

How will the colors combine? It is so fun to knit!

I am using three different colorways of sport weight yarn from Primrose Yarn Co.’s Rose Sport: Emerald Midnight, Where is My Mind, and Tabloid Gossip. They are so pretty, and have made this project nearly impossible to put down.

From left to right: Where is My Mind, Tabloid Gossip, and Emerald Midnight

What are you working on these days? Is there anything that you just can’t stop knitting?

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