Designer Talk: Geneva Vasquez

I was looking through patterns on Ravelry, as you do, and I happened across the most amazing collection of winter hats. It just so happens that I was in the market for a hat pattern for one of my girls. I know, it’s July, but her original hat got run through the washing machine and sadly is no more. So I owed her a new one, and I figured now was as good a time as any to make one. Given the fate of the last hat, I knew I wanted this one to be superwash, so I was looking for a pattern that would work with more conventional yarn and still look interesting.

Enter Geneva Vasquez. Geneva is the creator of Knot and Stitch, a collection of crochet, knitwear and pattern designs. Her patterns on Ravelry are all accessories: hats, cowls, and scarves, and they all have the most luxurious textured stitches. I settled on the Avery Beanie for my daughter and whipped it up in no time with some Cascade 128 superwash merino in the cotton candy colorway. Not my first pick, but she’s four, and subtlety is not her strong suit. I made the hat shorter than the pattern recommended because I wanted it to fit closer to her head rather than very slouchy. I think it turned out pretty cute, especially with the furry pom pom:

I love that Geneva Vasquez can create such beautiful stitch patterns using just simple knits and purls with a few decreases. I would love to make this hat, or one of her many others, for me in a better yarn. I think it would quickly become a go-to hat for its simplicity and style. What’s your favorite hat pattern? Is it crazy to knit for kids in anything but super wash?

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