Fix it or Frog it: Why am I so Hard on my Socks???

Basic Ribbed Socks by Kate Atherley

I have only ever knit one pair of socks. I am embarrassed to say that they took me as long to knit as a whole adult-sized sweater. I have ridiculously small feet. Size 5. Elf feet. And still, they took so long. At the time I was a brand new knitter. I had never used needles smaller than US 8. I had never used dpns. The yarn was so beautiful: Northern Bee Studio Yak Sock. Once I knit them, I realized none of my other socks fit. They were all too big. I vowed that one day, I would knit a whole drawer of socks so I would always be able to wear socks custom-made for me.

But I think I have loved these socks too much, because I went to put them on this morning and look what I found:

Have you ever seen a hole so big?

I know there are ways to repair socks. I’ve read the articles and watched the videos. But I can feel in my heart of hearts that this one is beyond saving. On the other hand, the second sock appears to be perfectly fine. And you know there’s no way I’m getting rid of a perfectly good sock that took me weeks to knit. I’ll just have to wait until I get a solid case of second sock syndrome, and then I can wear my mismatched socks with pride. Knowing that they are custom made for me.

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3 thoughts on “Fix it or Frog it: Why am I so Hard on my Socks???

    1. I might just try that. I don’t know if I’m that brave though! I have plenty of leftover yarn, and I guess if I wreck it I’m in the same spot I am now.

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    2. I took your advice and cut off the toe- it actually went pretty well! Now it’s on dpns to be finished sometime before winter (Haha) I always have second sock syndrome. Thanks for giving me the courage to try something new!

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