Fix it or Frog it

Tangled up in Gray

Don’t be fooled by that innocent face

I should have known that trouble was coming. The weather was great, all the kids had slept through the night, and my knitting had been behaving for the most part. I started to think that I would be able to divide for the sleeves on my Magnolia Sweater before too long. Haha. Little did I know.

Chaos, as it were, came in the form of a fluffy white dog. Max is a year-old Bichon frise who is lucky that he is very cute. He is usually a very good boy. But this time, he had a bit of an incident with my mohair, and it resulted in this:

This is what is left of the mohair that is currently attached to my sweater. It’s my own fault. I had put the yarn on the floor to keep the two skeins from getting tangled up with each other. Then Max ran by and, the yarn just stuck to his little velcro legs. I am going to be able to untangle it. I think. But my dreams of separating for the sleeves this week are looking less and less likely. The worst part of it is, this is so much better than it looked an hour ago. I can’t untangle anymore without knitting some of it to tame some of the yarn that is still wound properly, so it’s going to be a while until I know for sure if I’m really and truly stuck.

Has your knitting been treating you poorly? I’d love to hear about it.

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